The EMP Engineering team can analyze your existing electrical system and design, fabricate and install a switchgear retrofit to mitigate the harmful effects of HEMP.

  • Circuit breaker overhauls

- The circuit breaker is disassembled, cleaned, and inspected
- Parts are recoated and repainted as necessary
- Worn parts are replaced, and the breaker is tested to verify proper mechanical operation and calibrated per supplied coordination study setting

  • Protective Relay Systems

- Electro-mechanical relays become less reliable with age
- These can be replaced with modern electronic relays to provide more reliability, extended functionality, remote monitoring and control


- Modern switchgear is available with System Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems
- With updates to the circuit breakers, relaying, and metering in the switchgear, we can add this capability to existing switchgear
- We can update switchgear to today’s standards of functionality and reliability without the downtime required for replacement while saving considerable money compared to replacement

  • System Modifications

- It is often necessary to modify an existing system after it has been approved and partially or completely constructed
- EMP Engineering can perform small or large before, during and after construction modifications and generate the revised drawings as well


  • Fault and Coordination Studies
  • Arc-Flash Studies
  • Harmonics Studies
  • Load Flow Studies



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