UL: Underwriters Laboratory
A/C: Air Conditioning
AC: Alternating Current
A-E: Architect-Engineering
AISC: American Institute of Steel Construction
A/m: Amps per meter
ANSI: American National Standards Institute
ASTM: American Society for Testing and Materials
AWS: American Welding Society
BESEP: Base Electronic System Engineering Plan
C3: Command, Control and Communication
C4I: Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence
C-E: Communication-Electronic
CBRE: Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Explosive  (also CBRNE)
CBRNE: Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosive
CE: Communications Electronics
COMSEC: Communication Security
CW: Continuous Wave
dB: Decibel
DC: Direct Current
DCA: Defense Communication Agency
DCS: Defense Communication System
DoD: Department of Defense
E1: The early-time HEMP environment
E2: The intermediate time HEMP environment
E3: The MHD-EMP late-time HEMP
EED: Electro-Explosive Devices
EFD: Engineering Field Division
EHV: Extremely High Voltage
EIC: Engineer in Charge
EM: Electromagnetic
EMC: Electromagnetic Compatibility
EMI: Electromagnetic Interference
EMP: Electromagnetic Pulse
EMSEC: Emission Security
ESA: Electronic Surge Arrester
FWHM: Full Width at Half Maximum Amplitude
GHz: Gigahertz
GIC: Geomagnetically-Induced Currents
GMD: Geomagnetic Disturbance
HAMS: Hardness Assurance, Maintenance, and Surveillance
HCA: Hardness Critical Assembly
HCI: Hardness Critical Item
HCP: Hardness Critical Process
HEMP: High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse
HERF: Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Fuel
HERO: Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordnance
HERP: Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Personnel
HF: High Frequency
HID: High intensity Discharge
HILF: High Impact, Low Frequency
HM: Hardness Maintenance
HM/HS: Hardness Maintenance/Hardness Surveillance
HOB: Height of Burst
HS: Hardness Surveillance
HVAC: Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning
HVDC: High Voltage Direct Current
IEEE: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IEMI: Intentional Electromagnetic Interference
IR: Infrared
kA: KiloAmp
kHz: Kilohertz
LED: Light Emitting Diode
mA: MilliAmp
MCP: Military Construction Program
MEE: Mission Essential Equipment
MF: Medium Frequency
MHD: Magnetohydrodynamic
MHz: Megahertz
MIG: Metal Inert Gas
MILCON: Military Construction
MOV: Metal Oxide Varistor
ms: Millisecond
NBC: Nuclear, Biological, Chemical
NAVFAC: Naval Facilities Engineering Command
NAVSEA: Naval Sea Systems Command
NEC: National Electrical Code (NEC)
NEMA: National Electrical Manufacturers Association
NFGS: Naval Facilities Engineering Command Guide Specification
NFPA: National Fire Protection Association
ns: Nanosecond
NSA: National Security Agency
OD: Outside Diameter
O&S: Operations and Support
PCI: Pulsed Current Injection
PEA: Penetration Entry Area
PLC: Programmable Logic Controller
PM: Project Manager
PMI: Preventive Maintenance and Inspection
POE: Point(s)  Of Entry
PP&B: Programming, Planning, and Budgeting
QA: Quality Assurance
QC: Quality Control
RADHAZ: Radiation Hazard
RF: Radio Frequency
RFI: Radio Frequency Interference
RMS: Root Mean Square
SCADA: Supervisory, Control and Data Acquisition
SCR: Silicon Controlled Rectifier
SE: Shielding Effectiveness
SELDS: Shielded Enclosure Leak Detection System
SGEMP: System-Generated Electromagnetic Pulse
SPB: Special Protective Barrier
SPM: Special Protective Measure
SPV: Special Protective Volume
SREMP: Source-Region Electromagnetic Pulse
TEMPEST: Compromising Electromagnetic Emissions
TEMPS: Transportable EMP Simulator
TIG: Tungsten Inert Gas
TREE: Transient Radiation Effects on Electronics
UHF: Ultrahigh Frequency
UPS: Uninterruptible Power Supply
USACE: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
VA: Volt-Ampere
V/m: Volts per meter
VHF: Very High Frequency
VSWR: Voltage Standing Wave Ratio
WBC: Waveguide-Below Cutoff