Armstrong Steel

Armstrong Steel is a leading supplier of pre-engineered steel buildings and metal buildings for commercial, industrial and religious building projects. We supply a wide range of steel buildings from conventional steel buildings to custom-designed steel frame structures supporting brick, rock, block, stucco and concrete exteriors. Our customers are business owners, congregations, architects, engineers, developers, homeowners and corporate purchasing directors.


SteelMaster steel buildings, metal buildings and prefabricated buildings are designed for a broad range of residential and commercial applications including Garages, Workshops, Carports, Agricultural Storage, Metal Barns, Quonsets, Airplane Hangars, RV Storage, Roofing Systems, Storage Buildings, Military Buildings, Government Buildings (GSA), Commercial Warehousing, Metal Sheds, and Industrial Storage.

American Shelter Technologies

AST’s engineering capabilities, manufacturing equipment, and decades of experience help us provide customers with innovative steel arch building solutions. Only American Shelter Technologies stands behind its arch building system with a 20-year Limited Snow and Wind Load warranty. Whether you are looking for a pre-engineered, pre-fabricated metal building or a custom building solution, a clear span roof or a durable shelter, call us to discuss your building project. We provide everything from backyard storage to NATO Hardened Aircraft Shelters, high arch buildings to low profile roof spans, warehouses and factories to barns and equipment storage,earth covered homes to custom design residences featuring the ultimate green building material.


TEMET is the world leader in blast protection and special ventilation technology applied in civilian shelters and hardened military shelters. TEMET’s protection technology is also successfully utilized in solving demanding protection problems in industrial and mobile collective protective applications. TEMET is committed to continuous development and outstanding customer service. These values set the foundation for TEMET’s customer first approach and ability to deliver advanced, officially certified and approved products and services which best fulfill customer needs.

Subsurface Buildings

SubsurfaceBuildings.com explores underground buildings, examines their impact on architecture and the environment, and addresses such questions as: Why would anyone want to bury a building? Are underground buildings safe? How do architects feel about designing buildings that are hidden within the earth? What is the environmental impact of subterranean architecture?

Armageddon Online

Armageddon Online features daily updated news about disasters, survival, science & astronomy, paranormal activity, war and much more. Along-side their “core” collection of possible future scenarios, they are the home to a large forums community. Their message boards are home to excellent debates, tips, and provide a great place to gather information or share your views on a daily basis. Armageddon Online is an organization that comprises of two major correlating entities: an informative website containing a number of objective articles, and a number of discussion forums located on said website. The organization has within its membership people of every race, creed, and color from all over the world. Its purpose is to provide information and news, leaving room for discussion and entertainment without prejudice.

EMPact America

EMPACT America is a bipartisan, non-profit organization for citizens concerned about protecting the American People from a nuclear or natural electromagnetic pulse (EMP) catastrophe. One of several missions is to educate the American People on the EMP threat and solutions; Organize the American People to act effectively in furtherance of their security from the EMP threat at the federal, state, local, and individual levels; and Initiate pilot programs in Western New York State to increase EMP preparedness among first responders, communities, utilities, businesses, and universities, to serve as examples for the nation, and to show that leadership on national and homeland security need not originate in Washington, that the American People can lead “from the bottom up.”

Surefire Living

Surefire communities offer realistic protection and resources to survive in any situation, one community at a time. A genuine place that families can be safe in uncertain times. They design the communities to achieve a Balanced Survivability no matter if it is Nuclear, Biological or Chemical war, armed assaults, 2012 or any civilization altering scenario. Their experienced and highly specialized teams of engineers, scientists and highly trained defense teams have confidentiality designed and covertly constructed your Surefire community

Titanium Bar

TMS is a wholesale supplier of titanium mill products, including titanium sheets, plates, blocks, bars, fastners, bolts, nuts, screws, and custom forgings. They supply titanium mill products to the metal finishing industries including aerospace, architectural, automotive, biomedical, chemical processing, industrial, marine, military, oil, tooling, racing, and others. Call the experts at Titanium Metal Supply, and inquire about the special titanium bar metals they have to offer.

Riedon Resistor Manufacturing

Riedon is a resistor manufacturing company, specializing in Power Resistors, Precision Resistors, and High Temperature Resistors. Riedon’s resistors are extremely stable over time and function over wide operating temperatures. Quality resistors are essential in protecting electronic components from sudden current or voltage changes. Such unpredictable changes can be potentially hazardous to electronic products.

Brownfield Redevelopment

PM Environmental’s Brownfield redevelopment and management services consider demographics, market trends, land use, construction and more. Learn more by visiting their website today.